Holy Stone HS110 FPV RC Drone

The HS110 FPV RC drone weighs 108 grams and its dimensions are 12.6*12.6*2.6 inches. Because of its small size and weight, it does not need registration from the FAA. Made from high quality durable material, this drone is handy enough and can sustain different harsh conditions and has several protective components to protect it against the effects of crashing. This drone comes in black or green color schemes.

The controller can work over a range of 50 to 100 meters and its video transmission range is 50 meters. The drone has a flight time of about 8 minutes and a battery charging time of 60 minutes. It uses a 3.7V 650mAh Li-Po battery and the controller requires AA batteries. An extra battery can be bought to ensure more flight time.

The drone camera takes HD videos with a resolution of 1280*720p and a 2MP camera for amazing photos. The drone has First Person View (FPV), which means that it can be paired with a device for live videos and images. The FPV shows real time images on your phone or other device in addition to showing where the drone is meaning it cannot get lost. This makes sharing live videos even easier.

It has an amazing altitude hold to keep it stable in high altitudes. This makes it easy to take good photos and videos without worrying about blurring. It comes with a 4GB SD card for storage of the captured videos and images.

This Holy Stone drone can be controlled from a handheld device using an app. The app allows several functions such as gravity sensor that enables a user to control the drone by moving the smartphone according to the desired direction in the given procedures. The camera function can also be operated from the app. The setup directions are given on the manual to ease the process.

The HS 110 comes with a 2.4GHz transmitter for easy control of the drone. It has the headless mode technology to enable even newbies use it comfortably. The drone also has a one key return home function. This enables complete control of the drone even when it is out of sight meaning that it can never get lost. For a beginner, the worry of losing a drone is taken care of by the HS110.

The drone can perform several stunts even while in the air thanks to its 6 axis gyro technology that gives it stability. It also ensures that the drone can perform 360-degree turns and 3D flips and roll in all directions. The HS110 has four speed modes ranging from the fastest speeds to the lowest ones hence suitable for all player experience levels. It also has LED lights on both the drone and the transmitter which ensure more playtime even at night.

The drone can be used by people 14 years and above since it has small components that can easily hurt children. It has four speed modes that can be used for different levels of expertise. These speeds range from fast for a professional pilot and slow for newbies.

The package comes with the HS 110 quadcopter, a 2.4GHZ transmitter, a USB charger, a phone holder, four propellers, a 4GB TF card, a card reader, a manual, a 3.7V 650mAh Li-Po battery, a screwdriver, and four screws for the drone and another four for the blades.

• The drone is stable and easy to use
• It can be used to take videos even at night due to easy control with the LED lights on the drone and transmitter
• It has FPV capabilities and allows easy operation from an app to send real time images and videos as they occur
• Has a long life battery
• The drone is quite affordable and highly durable due to its strong plastic body
• It has several speed modes for different users
• It can be used for both outdoor and indoor drone flying

• The drone cannot be used for professional photography because it has a camera with low megapixels
• The transmitter is a bit weak and prone to damage

Where to find and How much?

You can find it on Amazon.com.Click here to see the current price.


Holy Stone is one of the most popular toy grade drone manufacturers. The drones come with the latest technology, amazing features, and at very affordable prices. They are also more resistant to damage since they are made from high quality durable material and their stability is fantastic.

They can be compared to bigger professional drones since they are made with the latest drone technology and are very easy to use. These  drones can give you  hovering ability and great performance while ensuring quality for both beginners and intermediate pilots.

So, if you are looking to add a drone to the collection or looking for a fun gadget, consider Holy Stone drones and get more value for the money.