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DronesDormitory – Freedom in Sky” is a free online magazine which provides a wide range of drones and related accessories detail descriptions and reviews. You will find guides and tips about photography lens which will help you to make correct decision to buy a drone.

You will find all types of drones and related accessories in-depth reviews, how they work and which one is best to use and top in the market right now. We research in-depth to provide the reviews so that you can find the right products easily and get the most of them.

In DronesDormitory you will find only the products that are genuine. We have teamed up with some experienced experts who has years of experience of using drones.We use the products first, then write about that so you have the best one to buy.

Many products or products in-depth articles listed on this site do return a small commission for product referral, however this is not the sole motivation for featuring an item. We regularly lists new products that we receive absolutely no compensation for.

We do not carry any of the drones or related accessories products listed on the site, nor do we directly sell anything. Our intension is just to give you best products review and the tested result by using them so that you can build your website and shop online relaxing.

Our main purpose to share our knowledge, our years of experiences with you guys who are fond of drones. DronesDormitory is the website for people like you who want to know about the right drone and it’s accessories to start taking the best capture of most memorable events of your life successfully and have fun. And also for the people who needs proper guides for it and want to know about it and so on. We hope you find DronesDormitory useful and helpful. Your support makes our site run successfully and inspires us to post more helpful and detailed articles.

DronesDormitory serves around 13,000 page views each month and most of the traffic comes from US, UK, Australia, Japan,Germany,Canada and Russia.

DronesDormitory project is entirely run by one personal but currently DronesDormitory is seeking for someone who could to make this website even more useful. We are also looking for creative writers who would like to join with us.

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